Throughout the world, buildings and areas of great architectural importance have been deserted, abandoned to reveal decay and dilapidation. This slowly evolving heritage unveils battered facades and dislocated interiors, forever marked by the presence of those who have passed through them. As monuments to neglect, these spaces exude oblivion. For more than two years, I have photographed the town of Tortosa, capital of the Spanish Terres de l?Ebre and listed as a Historic Monument. This work has resulted in a unique serie which encourages us to reflect on the universal themes of Dereliction and Absence.

Mémoires de Zoo

In April 2011 the National Museum of Natural History entrusted me with the commission to photograph Vincennes Zoo before the start of renovation works, foreseeing the demolition of many of its facilities in August 2011.

Closed to the public since 2008 I found the zoo in a state of abandon, the greedy uncontrolled vegetation flourishing and re-asserting its natural rights. The frescoes, the faded paintings, the cages both gloomy and coloured, the exotic décor, all join together in sequence.

Certain images were made to link, assemble and overlap. Their association has created a timeless vision of Vincennes Zoo expressing such universal themes as time, freedom, imprisonment, hope, beauty, the absurd, the enigmatic.

Prints in exhibition at Galerie Envie d'Art, 29 bd Raspail, 75007 Paris from March 27, 2014 until May 03, 2014.

Prints in exhibition at Biennale Internationale de l'Image 2014 at Nancy, France, from May 03 until May 18, 2014.


Bastion of Liberalism, world financial centre, multi-cultural city, London has always shown herself to me as an exhibitionist. Bursting with exuberant growth and free from complexes, London presents unpredictable contrasts. Her disorderly modern architecture shoots up all over the place, right through the centre of the older city, which is industrial and sometimes austere. Legendary symbols which have always identified her are exaggerated without restraint. Her people are fleeting and transitory, they always have to go faster.
This photo essay throws innovative perspectives on the city of London and her transformations and does so in the twinkling of an eye.

Light against Dark

A glimpse of life's quickly fleeting moments in the medinas of Tangier and Meknes, in Morocco. A special combination of space and light toppling into infinity.

Syracusa in the shade

"Syracusa in the Shade" is a fantasy journey in the heart of the historical centre of the Ortigia peninsula. The baroque sculptures seen in the shade are suggesting a thought about time, passion, the Divine and the infinite.